Growing housing prices in Kennewick top the nation

The Fiserv’s Report came out recently and indicated that Kennewick topped the nations growth of housing prices over the past 3 years, with values by 8.9 percent and are expected to continue growth by approximately 3.4 percent by next summer.

Jobs in our Tri City area are strong and steady which acquaint to more homes being sold to accommodate those folks coming into the area for the jobs, particularly those in the Hanford area or associated businesses.

Homes in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and our neighboring towns, are selling quickly, with the market under $200,000 being the fastest sellers.  New homes are being built very slowly due to the restrictions being placed by lenders, but some of the more established builders are still building new homes.

Unemployment in our Tri Cities area is among the state’s lowest and this has also contributed to the steady growth of home sales. Home values have increased, however, the inventory of homes for sale is shrinking because of the influx of new families to our area and the first-time homebuyer credit has afforded new buyers the opportunity to get into a home with the $8,000 tax credit.

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