Icy weather ushers in winter to the Tri Cities

A little ice, a little dust of snow, then some rain on top of it all made for slick driving and walking in the Tri Cities over the last few days!

Our winters in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and the surroudning areas is usually very mild throughout the season. Not much snow accumulates, but since we are a mostly arid desert climate, we do get some chilly temperatures in January and February.

This is a great time as winter approaches, to check your anti-freeze levels in all vehicles, and add a few suggested items into your car, should you break down alongside the road. A couple of blankets, some water, de-icer and a window scraper, a charged cell phone, and some type of portable emergency symbols. These items are recommended by the State Patrol.

While winter in the Tri-Cities is short and uneventful here, it’s important to be prepared.

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