A Distinctive perspective

Its doubtful that anyone really misses the year 2009. From purely an economic standpoint, it was as unforgiving a year as most of us have ever seen. With that being said, it did have some highlights.

Business-wise, the most satisfying moment came at the end when we realized that inspite of this year’s challenge’s and “tests”, the agents of Distinctive Properties, Inc., fought back with all their skills, knowledge and ambition to made it a much better year than 2008. The company’s sales volume — in what will surely enter the recond books as one fo the worst years ever for real estate — had actually surpassed its 2008 sales volume by 15%.

This is especially gratifying to us because it means we were able to satisfy more buyers and sellers in a year when every closed transaction was a small triumph for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, if you are buying in 2010, please know that our agents skillfully negotiated more transactions in 2009 than in 2008! If you are contemplating selling in the New Year, it’s worth knowing that our agents routinely bring buyers to the closing table nearly twice as often as our next closet competitor . The combination of these has kept Distinctive Properties, Inc., in sales volume across every price range and corner of our Tri Cities, Washington real estate market.

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