Dining out in the Tri Cities? 4 new places to try coming soon

As long as this writer has lived in the Tri Cities (40+ years) there has been a fuss about not having enough restaurants, and granted, there have been many more added in the last few years as our population has increased, but I was delighted to see that 4 new restaurants will be opening shortly here with 3 in Kennewick and 1 in Richland.

Local residents and some out-of-towners are investing in the Tri Cities with these new dining ventures.  A casual restuarant called “Hot Wingz” on Columbia Center Blvd at Deschutes  in Kennewick opens today.  On Clearwater Avenue, “Six Degrees” will open in February with a menu of  All American comfort food and a rock themed atmosphere and lots of memorabilia.  Their open is to make the fun-filled, energetic facility competitve with chain restaurants. “New York Ritchie’s” will open a new store in late February also along Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick. The fare includes pizza and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.  Richland will be home a new destination restaurant at 255 Williams with anticipated opening date of mid-March.

Dining out can have a whole new feel with these new restaurants and we should all make them feel welcome by patronizing their new ventures!

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