Build it, and they will come?

Is this the latest mindset for the council members of Kennewick regarding the Southridge development? It may well work providing the economy holds here, however there is also the possibility that building new infrastructure on the hopes that is spurs new development will fail, and all you have left is a bunch of roads that lead nowhere among the sagebrush.

The anchor to the Southridge development is Kennewick General Hospital’s new 490 million facility, which all of the city’s hopes are hinged on. It is their vision that new commercial and residential development will blossom around the hospital, which could also generate an estimatated $40 million in revenue.

Kennewick is 1 of 5 cities in Washington that was chosen for the Local Revitilization Financing Program, which could bring $12.5 million to the city over 25 years.

So it begs the question, is this the best use of the funds for our city? The discussion among council members continues, and most likely will for some time to come. Personally, this writer thinks its a great idea and that it will entice new developers to come in, but that’s just my humble opinion.

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