Want a wonderful weekend getaway close to the Tri Cities?

The Tri Cities offers so many wonderful recreational and historical activities here locally, yet once in a blue moon a person just wants a little getaway that’s away, but not too far from home. This writer found a delightful escape this past Valentine’s weekend about 2.5 hours away, headed into central Oregon. This area is filled with amazing and unusual scenery that this “I flunked science” person found incredibly fascinating because of the rich fossil beds that makeup the topography there.

The John Day Fossil Beds, a national monument, is like taking a step back millions of years into the geographic history of ancient Oregon. There is a wonderful paleontology center located just outside of Kimberly and it contains a phenomenal wealth of information. You can actually watch scientists working on fossils they have collected in a laboratory located inside the beautiful Thomas Condon Paleontology Center.

Yeah I know, rocks & fossils really don’t sound that interesting to the average person, but the way the gallery is set up with dioramas, actual fossils they have retrieved, and the wonderful staff…they really bring it alive for you!  This writer highly recommends this getaway for folks of all ages…..even us science flunkies!  Take the time to walk the trails at Sheep Rock, Painted Hills and Clarno – and absolutely bring your cameras!!

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