Tri Cities a shining star in the nation for Job Growth!

The words “jobless recovery” and “recession” have been tossed around a great deal over the past year or so, but here in the Tri Cities community leaders are delighted to announce that our area leads the nation in job growth during these difficult times. Garner Economics, a consulting firm from Atlanta published a report for March indicating that the Tri Cities is at the top of the list for the nation as far as job growth is concerned.  From January to June 2009, the Tri Cities was one of 9 metrolpolitan areas compared for positive job growth. The report also indicates that the Tri Cities actually was a top performing economy for the entire year 2009. This writer believes that this proves that the folks who have worked so diligently over the past couple of decades to diversify the Tri Cities, have been very successful and kudos to them!

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