Spring in the Tri Cities

DSCN1265Ahhh, the arrival of spring in all its glory has reached the Tri Cities, and with it comes the beauty of trees and plants in bloom and tons of sunshine! As this writer drove into work today in Kennewick, my day was instantly brightend with the incredible colors that I drove past, so much so that I made  a U-turn, pulled out my camera a snapped several photos of different trees, bushes and plants I saw. I guess its a good thing I was actually ahead of my usual rushed schedule each morning.  It good to stop and smell the roses on occasion – or in my case, stop and snap a few photos.  I have lived many beautiful places across this country and seen many lovely communities, as have many of you. Sometimes I wonder about my decision to return to the Tri Cities after being away so long. Yet I find that we have so much to offer here weather-wise, activities-wise, employment and job growth-wise, and each time I stop and think about why I’m here, I find that with all those other things aside, just having the opportunity to enjoy such simple beauty each day feeds into the easy pace of life here.   Come join us here in the beautiful Tri-Cities region where there is so much to do and see…………..or not, if you so choose.

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