Reach Center location being debated


City council members from both Kennewick and Richland are in agreement that the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center would be a wonderful addition to the west end of Columbia Park, however there are concerns about the money to make it a reality.  Development of the west end of the park have long been debated, with alternatives for both commerical development and keeping it as a public park with improvements visualized.  The public would like to have a more useable park atmosphere, while planners & developers for both cities wanted more options for commerical use. When the option to add the Reach Center was proposed, it seemed like a perfect fit. The final decision lies in the hands of the Corps of Engineers and potentially could be approved next week.  Let’s keep our fingers cross that the Reach Center finds a new home in Columbia Park and that all parties involved can find a middle ground on the issue.

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