Spring is bustin’ all over!


The beauty of spring has been obvious in the last couple of weeks all over the Tri-Cities, and each morning as we drive to work many of us see it and rejoice in the season filled with light greens, pinks, yellows and reds. Gardeners have begun the ritual of trimming off the old and planting the new. Am I a gardener? No not really, but I am certainly am an enjoy-er of their efforts.  Tree lined streets like West 10th in Kennewick and its flowering pear and plum trees makes me smile all the way down the stretch. The beauty of dogwoods in yards, tulips, crocuses, forsythias and other plants bring color into our desert community and the smell of new mown grass brings delight to my senses.  Walking along the waterfront trail in Richland is also a delight in color and creatures with geese and ducks quacking long the paths.  Yes, spring has sprung here in the Tri Cities after a mild and delightful winter.  Don’t let this wonderful season pass you by – stop and enjoy the beauty of all that surrounds us in the Mid Columbia region.

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