Franklin County a beacon of housing growth in the country


Anyone who has lived here in the Tri Cities over the past 1o years or more has seen the expansion that has become West Pasco and in fact, has made Pasco the 2nd largest of the Tri-Cities. According to recent US Census figures, that growth has landed Franklin County, Washington in the record books as the 18-fastest growing county in our country, and that is a distinction that no other Washington county can claim.  Last summer the county’s population sat at 77,355 which was a 56.8% increase since the year 2000. Housing in that part of Pasco has generated some welcome revenue for the city, however the cost of services has risen to accomodate the growth. Schools in Pasco grew to address the needs of 5,600 new students with the addition of 3 new elementary schools, one middle school and a new high school.  This part of our Tri-Cities is filled with affordable housing, family-friendly neighborhoods, easy access to the freeway and wonderful goods and services along the Road 68 corridor.  These attributes combined with economic stability and its proximity to the Columbia River make west Pasco and Franklin County a most desirable area in which to live.

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