Kennewick schools administration offices to move

With boxes stacked in individual offices and conference rooms, congested hallways,  and desks shoved into any spare space; having room to breathe is a welcome theme for the new Kennewick School District administration offices as they look forward to their upcoming move.  The district purchased the old Buttreys/Fiesta Foods grocery store on West Fourth and currently are having it remodeled to suit their needs.  It is hoped that the move will take place at the end of the year.

Originally, the new building contained 4,500 square feet but the new contractor will be adding an approximate 2,500 square foot partial 2nd story, which will bring the usable space to almost 7,000 square feet.  Currently, the district offices comprise the old Benton PUD building at 6th and Benton Streets, and the old admin building to the north of Kennewick High School, which was built in the 60’s.  This new facility will allow all departments to come together under one roof and will include a large conference room, a classroom for adult classes, and a board room for school board meetings in addition to it’s many office spaces.


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