Ground breaking for Steptoe Street extension

A Steptoe, as defined as “a hill or mountain that projects like an island above a surrounding lava field” in some ways describes Steptoe Street in Kennewick, and of course in some ways does not – mainly that whole lava field part.  Nonetheless, Steptoe Street has officially begun it’s expansion southward towards Clearwater Avenue as of Tuesday when the groundbreaking was held. This southbound expansion will initially cover some hilly terrain, winding along 1.1 miles as it reaches North Center Parkway.  The second phase will take it upwards to Clearwater Avenue, and the final phase of expansion is to take it all the way to the Southridge area, once again heading up and over the southernly hills.

The hope for this expansion is that it will alleviate congestion on both Leslie Road and Columbia Center Blvd. and additionally allow for greater economic development with transportation flow being a key for sustained growth in Kennewick. This project is currently slated for completion in late summer.


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