Summer remodeling ideas/tips

Summer certainly has taken its time getting to the Tri-Cities, but it’s finally here and it is time to take a good look at bringing your winter remodeling ideas into fruition. Understanding that you might wish to be puttering around in your boat on the Columbia or Snake rivers, or taking a hike up Badger Mountain, strolling along the waterfront trail in Richland…it’s time to knuckle down and tackle some of those projects.

The warm and longer days are a wonderful time to work on the little repairs and renovations that can reap a financial reward in the near or far future when it’s time to sell your home.  Let’s take a look at some of these ideas:

Patios and Decks:   What a better way to enjoy these summer days than by creating an outdoor living space for everyone to enjoy. Decks and patios are among the most popular summer remodeling ideas and there are lots of consideration to take into consideration when making the decision whether a patio or deck is the best project to undertake. Some factors include soil condition and consistency, site terrain, actual use, capacity, privacy as well as the cost and maintenance you are willing to deal with throughout the length of the project.

Home Maintenance:  Throughout the seasons, your home has taken care of you and your family, and now is the best time to give a little love back to it. Go through your property to evaluate and create a checklist on areas that need mending or replacement. This list is a crucial preparation before calling a contractor or handyman for maintenance and repair services. Some common maintenance and repair include:  1) Waterproof the basement, 2) Re-caulk and replace weatherstriping, 3) Clean and seal wooden decks, 4) trim bushes and shrubs  5) Re-align downspouts and gutters, 6) Repair roof, 7) Clean the pool, 8. mend the fence, 9) Seal cracks along driveways, foundation, walkways, etc. and 10) Maintenance of HVAC systems.

Energy efficient renovation:  When it comes to summer remodeling, there’s no better way to invest your hard earned dollars than by making your home energy efficient. An energy efficient summer remodel is truly a worthwhile endeavor as it will result in years of savings on your enegery bills. Some of the common items you can buy and intregrate into your energy efficient renovations include: 1) Insulation systems and materials, 2) roofs that resist heat gain, 3) biomass burning stoves, 4) energy-efficient windows, 5) HVAC systems with the highest efficiency tiers, 6) solar panels, 7) fuel cells  8) geothermal heat pumps, and 9) wind energy systems.

So hurry and finsh up these summer project so that you can get back to enjoying all the recreational activities that the Tri-Cities and Mid-Columbia region offer! The theme here is “Fun in the Sun” for a reason!!

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