Changes to Real Estate License Law on July 1, 2010

Changes to the real estate license law haven’t been made in decades until now.  As of July 1, 2010, the first review and comprehensive changes were made.  Changes were made to:

Real Estate Salesperson Titles
The titles of real estate sales persons have now changed to the official title of real estate broker.  The titles of current real estate brokers and associate brokers  have now changed to managing broker.  Along with the changes to their titles, responsibilities have also changed. 

EPA’s New Lead Paint Restrictions
Do you know anyone who is updating/remodeling a home older that 1978?  Starting April 22, 2010, anyone paid to work on homes before 1978 are to provide homeowners or residents with an EPA pamphlet.  Homeowners or residents can also be sure to hire someone with the appropriate certifications by reviewing their real estate licensees.  The requirements for the regulations can be waived by the homeowner if no children are presently living with the home, although, lead based paint poisoning can affect many people and it is best to know all the facts.  A list of certified professionals can be found here:

New Tenant’s Rights Law
Homeowners with a property going into foreclosures, which is currently occupied by a tenant, could affect the use of the rental property.  There are limitations on terminating a tenant’s lease in this situation. 

To see the rest of the changes and all of the details for these changes, check out the full article here!

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