5 Steps to Winterizing your Lawn! Especially if you plan to sell this Spring….

Fall is fast approaching.  Here are 5 steps you can take inorder to winterize your lawn.  This will be especially helpful if you plan to sell your house this Spring.


1.  Fall weather creates the perfect opportunity for your lawn to flourish.  Be sure to seed and even overseed to allow grass to grow healthier and thicker.

2.  Aerating your lawn in the Fall will help it to breathe well thoughout the winter season.  Also, be sure to prune shrubs and trees to improve plant appearance.

3.  Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize!!  Feeding your grass, trees, and shrubs well in the Fall will allow them to look healthier and greener in the Spring. 

 4.  When mowing your lawn in the Fall, only mow down 1/3 of the grass blades length.  Then, return the grass clippings to the lawn for added nutrients. 

5.  Lastly, walk around your property and what do you see?  Identify problem areas, like overgrown shrubs that need pruned or flowers that may need replaced.  It’s important to look for trees or shrubs that may interfere with the roof or powerlines.  If needed, be sure to contact a local professional who could help with any landscape needs. 


When Spring rolls around, be sure to contact Distinctive Properties when ready to buy or sell. 

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