Old Cleaning Myths Debunked


Old Myth: Washing dishes by hand is more energy efficient.

The Truth: New Energy Star rating dishwashers actually use less energy, water and soap.


Old Myth:  It is great to clean windows and mirrors with crumpled newspaper.

The Truth:  This may have used to be the case; however, new paper and ink formulas may cause mudges on your mirrors and windows.  It is best to use paper towels or microfiber cloth.


Old Myth:  Hairspray is great in removing ink stains.

The Truth: When the key ingredient in hairspreay used to be alcohol, this often worked.  More recently, hairspray is made with low-alcohol or alcohol free ingredients.  When removing ink stains it is best to use undiluted rubbing alcohol or a stain removal product specifically made for ink stains.



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