Local homebuilder Charged with Tax Fraud

As reported in the October 2011 issue of the Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, a local homebuilder was charged with felony theft of sales tax and filing fraudulent tax returns.  At the request of the Department of Revenue, charges were filed against Vasilly Petrovich Sinyuk of Sinyuk Construction LLC and Tri-Cities Dream Homes in the Benton County Superior Court by the Economic Crime Unit of the Washington State Attorney General’s office. According to court documents, Sinyuk built a home in Richland under the alias of VNS Construction, a relative’s business, after closing Sinyuk Construction LLC in 2009.  Sinyuk Construction is the largest delinquent taxpayer in Eastern Washington; having been assessed $419,165 in 2010 for taxes, penalties and interest for non-paid taxes.

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