Increase Your Home’s Appeal … Here’s how

It’s a competitive market out there.  Increase your home’s appeal and get the advantage!  Here are some suggestions:

Clean:  Make sure your home is clean clean clean.  If your house needs a deep cleaning you might consider hiring a cleaning service.  Potential buyers love to see a clean home!

Curb Appeal:  For a positive impression on potential buyers, don’t forget the outside of your house, including the yard.  Tidy up the yard, put those trash cans away, powerwash your driveway and walkways and plant a few flowers.

Remove clutter:  Clear off those countertops.  Remove excessive furniture so it looks and feels roomy and uncluttered when buyers walk through.

Make sure the price is right:  Do your research and be realistic about what your home is worth in today’s market.  Due to the economy buyers are more conscious than ever!  If you price too high you run the risk of scaring away would-be buyers.  Price Right!

Don’t attempt a Sale by Owner:  Many people attempt to save money by selling on their own.  That could actually be a costly mistake.  An agent works for you and has your best interests in mind.  They also have access to a much larger pool of potential buyers.  Save yourself the hassle and hire an agent.

Taking the time to do these little things can give you the edge and can mean the difference between making the sale or not.

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