Real Estate Comes Out Winners at end of “Fiscal Cliff”

Late last night the Senate Bill to extend some federal tax code provisions important to home buyers, sellers, builders, and those in real estate were finally passed by the House in a 259-167 vote.  Among the items approved through the 2013 year, were the Extended Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief which allows distressed home owners to sell their homes or modify loans without the principle being treated and taxed like salary, the Deduction of Mortgage Insurance Premiums which is available to those whom have an adjusted gross income below $110,000, Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Home Improvements which can range between $200-$500 for installing new energy efficient windows, insulation, and other improvements to cut energy costs in the home, and Tax Credits for New Energy Efficient Houses which gives builders and contractors a $2000 credit for installing energy efficient refrigerators, dishwashers,  and clothes washers and dryers.

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