Tips to keeping your home warm & cost effective

With winter in full swing here in the TriCities our energy costs are on the rise, so here are a few tips to keeping those costs down that are not too late to implement.

1. Check for drafts around windows and doors– A great way to do this is to use a lighted incense stick and move it slowly around the area. If there is a draft, the smoke will move in that direction. After you discover if any drafts are present, you can block these a few different ways. One, you can head to the hardware store and pick up clear plastic made specifically for winterizing your windows. Two, if you want to go cheaper you could use a clear plastic shower curtain to cover your window as well. Three, a rolled up towel or t-shirt placed against the window leak can also work. The towel trick will also work on any drafty door if you don’t want to purchase or fabricate a draft blocker.

2. Closing doors to unused rooms- This cuts down on the amount of air circulating throughout the house, causing the once warm air to cool. If you truly have a room that is never in use, you can also purchase vent covers to shut off all the heat to that room redirecting it to the rest of the house.

3. Turn on fans- We all know that heat rises, so turning a ceiling fan on to push the heat back down is a great way to keep the house warm without overrunning your heater. Just be sure the fan is rotating the correct way. During the winter the fan should be turning clockwise not counterclockwise as in summer. Most fans come equipped with a switch on the main body to do this.

4. Dress warmly- This by far is the easiest and cheapest way to stay warm. A sweater/sweatshirt or long sleeves will keep you warm without raising your heating bill. If you are sitting still, have a throw blanket to cuddle up with.

5. Move furniture- If your favorite chair or seat is near a window or exterior door, move it. By doing so you won’t get as cold because you are no longer seated by a heat robbing area.

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