Making Improvements to Your Landscaping Before Selling

A good first impression is always the best way to go when
selling your home, so here are a few ideas to help with obtaining that great

Adding a bit of color: Although you don’t want to overwhelm
your house with a ton of plants, a splash of color here and there can help you
home get noticed. Annuals are a cheaper yet effective way to do this.

New mulch: There are many benefits to laying a new layer of
mulch down, ranging from helping plants retain moisture to the more important
benefit of increasing your lawns appeal. Using mulch made from bark or wood is
a great idea as it is slower to decay and if you add a layer right before
listing your home you may not have to add another layer before you sell your

Pruning: Taking care of your trees and shrubs is possibly
one of the easiest ways to increase the appeal of your yard. For buyers, seeing
overgrown trees and bushes give them the impression the home and land was
poorly maintained, and can cause them to wonder what underlying, unseen
problems there might be.

Yard features: Any water features can be a plus for buyer as
they add to the aesthetic appeal of the yard, so making sure these are free of
algae, debris, the filter is clean, and the feature is in working order. Also if
it is the right season, having any water feature running is a great bonus and
eye catcher.

Power washer: Investing in a power washer can also be a
bonus and an effective way to clean any deep down grime on the exterior of a
house, driveway, sidewalk, or even planter pots.

Not too big: If you plan to replace trees or just plant new
ones, don’t go too big as the buyer may not appreciate obstructed sight lines.

Weeds: In short, get rid of them all. Pull, spray, lay mulch
or other weed blocking material to reduce and prevent the growth or regrowth.

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