Future Proof Your Kitchen Remodel

As with almost any trend in the market, kitchen fads are constantly changing. What you find fantastic will essentially in 5-10 years be out of date. Chances are a person will only remodel a kitchen once during their lifetime as the cost of a full kitchen remodel is not cheap by any means. Making the right moves from the start of the remodel with these 7 classic kitchen features could recoup you a bit of the loss you may have when remodeling.


1. White – The most marketable color out there is white. It is always at the top of the most popular kitchen color surveys. White is timeless. Not only does it reflect light and can make a small kitchen feel larger, it is great for those of us who need to actually see we have left no spots unclean in our cooking domain.

White is also easy on the budget, taste and is a standard color for manufacturers. White kitchen components can be found in any price range. Having a white kitchen gives you a blank palette, and allows you to be as creative as you want. Knobs, pulls and open shelves or glass front cabinets give you the option to show a splash of color in a less permanent way if you choose.


Next Time Tip #2 – Hardwood Flooring


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