14 Tips That May Help You Avoid Buyer’s Remorse Part 2

Buying a home can be very emotional. Often times when we want something bad enough we forget or just plain ignore the questions we should be asking, causing us to end up with a case of buyer’s remorse when we realize the home is not exactly what we thought it was. Here tips 8-14 to help avoid remorse. Check out tips 1-7 here.

8. Remodeling- Running your ideas about any remodel past the seller may help you avoid a major headache down the line. The seller may be able to tell any structural impediments there might be.

9. Views- Really consider the other houses and area around you. Could the other homes be candidates for being tore down and is the empty field you see behind your home zoned for more housing?

10. Utility Bills- Don’t forget to ask about the cost of utilities in both summer and winter. The house you love may be large and open, but the bills that come with it may not fit into your budget.

11. Taxes- Look at several of the last tax bills for the home. This should give you a general idea on how much taxes may increase with each year.

12. City Hall- Consider the zoning in the area and the house. City hall will have all the easements, liens or other restrictions the home may have on file.

13. Bells and Whistles – Having the pool or all the modern technology in a home can be fun, but be sure to look into the cost of upkeep on these items.

14. Surrounding Area- Checking the surrounding area before purchasing the home is a great idea, as you never know what is right around the corner or blocks away.  Are you near a train station, airport, hospital, or police station? All these places have noise around the clock and may affect the serenity you are looking for.

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