Pointers to Help Sell Your Home

Putting your house on the market in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, or any of the surrounding Tri-Cities area?  

Make sure you fix any known problems before trying to sell your home.  It is better to make obvious repairs up front, rather than waiting for an inspector to be called in only to hold up a time sensitive contract you may have. 

A seller who does not get repairs fixed ahead of an inspection has the possibility of making less money on their home.  A majority of sellers think that the cost to perform repairs is higher than what the actual cost really is, so they may ask for a price reduction.

Some common things to look at for fixes are paint touch-ups, windows in need of repair or just cleaning in and out, cleaning carpets rather than replacing, electrical problems which could cause safety issues, plumbing issues, and sidewalk or driveway cracking.

Even the small things will add up in a buyer’s mind causing them to contemplate and hesitate to purchase. 

It is also recommended that sellers be educated on the different requirements of different types of financing which could include VA and FHA loans. 

Some home sellers have the capabilities to handle cosmetic or small repairs needed, but others do not have the time or abilities to handle such tasks.  If that is the case, ask your real estate agent if they have any recommendations for a handyman or any specialist needed.  Some agents have a list compiled of such professionals, like electricians, plumbers, handyman and such.  They would be more than happy to share their list of reliable referrals. 

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