Letting in Some Light

This time of year, even the brightest of listings can easily come off as dark and uninviting. With shorter days in mind, design site PureWow offers a guide to window treatment pick-me-ups that will help your sellers choose the right options for their home style, maintenance concerns, and budget.

Cost conscious: Venetian blinds

This practical, affordable choice offers a lot of customizable options. However, unless you really dress them up, they tend to look sterile. Plus, the cheaper varieties are prone to chipping and breakage.

Comfy, low-ceilinged helper: Roman shades

Easy to open and close, these shades have an elongating effect on windows and tend to feel cozier than other options. The string mechanisms can break and get tangled easily, though.

If you’re blessed with a beautiful view: Valances

This option feels more like a picture frame for your windows, and they give off a classy, elegant flair. However, they are tough to clean, expensive, and require more work than a simple curtain rod.

For the darkest corners of a staged pad: Swags

This stylized option lets in plenty of light. But it’s not a great choice if your sellers wants functionality or privacy.

In a classic, spacious room: Curtains on rings

This choice is easy to install, offers tons of varieties to choose from, and they lend a catalog-like polish. But the large amount of fabric makes for a major dust trap, meaning frequent, often professional, cleaning.

For an open space needing subtle styling: Tab-top curtains

These add a softness, fullness, and casual elegance to a room. Plus, they’re great for insulation and noise control. However, they are pricey. And like ringed panels, they require full cleanings every few months.

For the room that brings the light: Sheer panels

Save these breezy, bright, and generally more affordable options for a treeless, south-facing view to give your listing a sunnier feel. Remember though that they don’t offer a ton of privacy or insulation.

In front of poorly-insulated windows: Cellular shades

The cells trap air, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They’re a practical option, but still bring a softer look than regular blinds. Outside of regular dusting duties though, they’re tough to clean.

Source: “The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments,” (PureWow, Dec. 17, 2015) 

“Copyright NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Reprinted with permission”

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