What Americans Say Would Make Them Move


What states are the top picks for Americans looking to move? Florida, California, Hawaii, Colorado, and New York, according to a new survey by Harris Poll of more than 2,200 U.S. adults.

Besides looking at the most desired moving locations, the survey asked respondents to name their top reasons for wanting to move. The number one moving motivation for respondents was wanting to live in a better climate. In fact, the survey found that more than six in ten residents who live on the East Coast – 64 percent – and 61 percent of Midwesterners say they’d consider moving in order to live in an area with a better climate and weather.

These are the top moving motivations for survey respondents:

  • 52% said they’d consider moving to another state to live in for a better climate or better weather.
  • 41% said they’d consider moving for a job opportunity.
  • 35% said they’d factor in proximity to family.
  • 25% said they’d consider a move for health reasons
  • 18% said they’d move to be closer to friends.
  • 16% said they’d relocate to be closer to a significant other.
  • 14% said they’d move for greater educational opportunities.
  • 13% wanted to live in an area with a more accepting lifestyle.
  • 11% said they wanted to move to a place with political views that are more accepting.
  • 11% wanted to move to an area where recreational marijuana is legal.
  • 7% said they’d consider moving to a place where their religious views are more accepted.

Source: “Moving Motivations: What Would Make Americans Consider Uprooting?” RISMedia (Jan. 7, 2016)

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