5 Inspection Problems Sellers Can Avoid


The home inspection is perhaps the rockiest phase of a home purchase because the issues that arise could scare buyers off. But there are typical problems that sellers can be proactive about repairing in order to save the deal. Realtor.com® recently highlighted five of these problems and what sellers can do about them:

1. Dank basement: Seepage into the basement could lead to flooding. Small cracks or a foundation wall could cause groundwater to enter in. A basement waterproofing contractor can provide a quote on how to quickly repair any minor problems.

2. Faulty wiring: Home inspector Reggie Marston told realtor.com® that he will often find “ungrounded fixtures, spliced wires not terminated in a proper electric box, receptacles wired backward, and improper breakers in the electric service panel.” An electrician can help sort out and resolve any potential electrical issues.

3. Leaky roofs: A leaky roof can eventually cause mold to form. Even small leaks can become more troublesome if they’re not repaired.

4. Amateur workmanship: DIY jobs by the home owner can cause lots of problems, too. “With plumbing, the owners will install the toilet but don’t tighten it securely to the floor,” says Marston. “I’ll find a toilet’s so loose that I counsel my client it should have a seat belt installed so nobody falls off!” For home owners who have tackled DIY projects, they may want to hire a professional to double-check their work prior to putting the home on the market.

5. Poor maintenance: Home owners who didn’t do proper upkeep of the home may find that several issues surface during a home inspection. “All components in a residence require some type of maintenance,” Marston told realtor.com®. “Water heaters as well as heating and air-conditioning systems should be serviced yearly. Caulk tubs and showers to prevent water leakage. Frequently remove and clean stove exhaust fan filters.”

Source: “How to Conquer the Huge Problems Found During Home Inspections,” realtor.com® (March 8, 2016)

“Copyright NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Reprinted with permission”

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