Pasta Mama’s is coming back!


Paul & Diane Santillie of Kennewick, who made such a wonderful success of their pasta and sauce business, Pasta Mama’s, are back in business after a 16 year absence. Their story is one of triumph and tragedy. They developed the pasta business and became outstanding small business leaders in the state of Washington. Then tragedy struck on what was supposed to be a celebration of Paul’s 50th birthday – a hot air balloon ride that no one living in the Tri Cities could forget. The result was Paul being paralyzed, the business failure due to the accident and finally, bankruptcy and loss of everything.  But like the Phoenix, the Santillie’s are rising again. They most recently signed a lease on a building on North Columbia Center Blvd where they will have a manufacturing area, a retail shop, a restaurant and a garment printing business.  Lots of their former vendors, customers and business associates have been encouraging them and keeping in contact over the years, and were delighted to hear the news that Pasta Mama’s is Back!  We wish them the very best in their endeavor.

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