Goethals Park to be renovated for children


City of Richland park official have rewritten the master plan for Goethals Park to where nature and local children can connect and interact as kids most certainly love to do!  The plan is to include a wetland area (creek), a shrub-type environment, tunnels, a hill, logs, trails sand play area and a tree house. All these features will lend themselves to children’s imaginations and their need to have fun, including getting down and dirty, rolling down a hill, building a dam across the creek, anything and everything a child’s mind can create. This project is one of many that Richland Park officials hope can renovate some of the older parks in town and bring families back into the parks. One offical said it sounded like a kid in a candy store to have all these places to play. Others were excited about the treehouse project and couldn’t wait to see it all come together.  Looking for a good time with your kids? This could be the place for you!!  Volunteers through the Mid-Columbia Make a Difference Day program will be helping with construction.

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