Trail along Richland’s shelterbelt to get art & landscape


For years the shelterbelt lineal park that follows along the Richland bypass has gone pretty much without attention, and consists mainly of dirt. But soon a group of volunteers will address that and plant flowers to add color and a little vitality to the area as a neighborhood sponsored art project. There will a lovely sculpture of children playing basketball as an additional feature. The city has just added timers for the new sprinkler system and they are re-doing a 300-foot portion of the trail leading from the shelterbelt area to Paul Liddell Park.  There is a restroom planned for near the art site. Karina Thorne of Richland, obtained a $4500 grant and then an addtional $5000 was raised to add landscaping, with Gamache Landscaping donating plants and labor. About $3700 in donations was raised to pay for the sculpture and the site will also include swinging benches and a basketball court.  Many local vendors have provided donated materials or labor for this enhancement.  This is a wonderful example of many coming together to create beauty in an otherwise forgotten space.  Congratulations on a job well done!

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