PNNL gets gold certification for building green


New laboratory building for PNNL in Richland have been built with green technology and materials, and that in turn has earned PNNL with a gold certification level from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. The Biological Sciences Facility and the adjoining Computational Sciences Facility were opened last fall and house about 300 employees. The materials used in the construction consisted of approximately 78% of recycled and because of the design concept that goes beyond standard building codes, there was a 35% savings on energy. Both of the buildings use heat to warm offices generated from the computer servers in the Computational Sciences Facility that would be wasted otherwise. The gold level certification is the 2nd highest status for the LEED program, and very few laboratories have reached that award level throughout the nation. PNNL deservedly should be proud of their accomplishment. Kudos to those green thinking individuals for their hard work and determination.

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