Mistake No. 6: Making Sale Price Personal

Mistake No. 6:  Making Sale Price Personal

Home is the backdrop of our lives.  The place we played and argued, hung the kids artwork on the refrigerator, Tracked growth progress on the door jam with a pencil, where the lawn got cut, the paint got freshened up and maybe a pool or jungle gym was added in the yard.  Your house is not just an asset to you, to you; it’s the place where your domestic affections have been centered, sometimes for generations.

There are emotions and memories packed into every wall and every corner.  So when you are presented with a low priced offer, for the life of you, don’t understand why the buyer doesn’t see the home the same way you do.

Remember…when you are selling your home it is a business transaction, not a personal one.   It may be disheartening to receive a low priced offer, but don’t be offended, it does not represent you or the care you took in the home, it represents the market conditions in your area.    It may also be the buyer’s agent’s way of negotiating and not intended as an insult.  While there are offers that will go nowhere, every offer is a potential sale.  Your agent is there to represent you in any transactions and will work in your best interest.

Our professional Realtors may just turn that low ball offer into a sale!

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