Mistake No. 7: Anger over Inspection Repair Requests

Mistake No. 7:   Anger over Inspection Repair Requests.

Remember Mistake No. 3; being dishonest about the home?  “A seller risks losing a potential sale by hiding something they know is wrong with their house.   When it’s found, inevitably during the Home Inspection, your buyer will wonder what else you are not telling them”.

So here we are, time for a Home Inspection.

An offer has been made on your home and the buyer wants a home inspection.  You have maintained the home very well, but realistically, there is always something to find, no matter how small it is.  And chances are, the buyer will want some repairs made.

Don’t make the mistake of getting angry at the buyers for the repair request, no matter how small or ridiculous it may seem.  Accept that your home is not perfect, no home is perfect.  Remember that the home sale contract is still being negotiated and failing to fix items can end negotiations and lose a potential sale.  That’s why you have a Realtor; he/she is your negotiator.  If the report uncovers some major issues, you, as a seller may need to lower your price, or make the requested repairs.   Talk to your Realtor for information and guidance.

Next week’s mistake…..  Not being prepared.

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