High Tech Home

If having a high tech home is important to you, here are some questions to ask when purchasing a home.

1. Cable, Telephone or Internet jacks – Are there enough jacks in each room to support your needs?

2. Home theater – If you want the full home theater experience, find out if the home is prewired for surround sound or multi-room audio/video.

3. Local Area Network (LAN)- If you wish to link your computers, does the home have a Local Area Network that will provide this?

4. DSL or High Speed Internet – Check to see if the home is already wired for a DSL or High Speed Internet connection.

5. Multi zoning- If you like different temperatures in different areas of the home, check to see if the home has multi zone heating and cooling controls with programmable thermostats.

6. Multi room automation features – Check to see if the home has multi room lighting, window shade controls or other features.

7. Multi purpose wiring- Does the home have multi purpose in-wall wiring that allows for reconfigurations and update services as technology changes?

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