Tri Cities Aquatic Center’s Future up to Voters

The August 6th ballot is a make or break for the Tri Cities Aquatic Center. On the ballot is a proposition to raise the sales tax 1/10 of a cent to help pay for the operating costs of the center. This proposition is designed to keep the admission price to the park low and will cost consumers 1 penny for every $10 spent. As well as locals attending the park, it is predicted for the center to attract visitors from surrounding areas, adding revenue to local businesses.

The Tri Cities Aquatic Center plans to offer annual passes for local families and low admission rates of $7.00 for youth (4-12), $8.00 for teens (13-17), $9.00 for adults, and $7.00 for seniors (65 or older). If the proposition passes, residents can expect to have the ability to use the indoor portion year round by 2015. The outdoor portion will be open from Memorial Day to Labor Day with the possibility of staying open on weekends during the month of September.

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