13 in 2013

Falcon Crest Arial #1Whether you are looking or thinking of purchasing a new or previous owned home in Kennewick, Richland, Pasco or the remaining areas surrounding the Tri Cities, experts are saying that 2013 is the year to buy a home. Wednesday covered the first 4 of the 13 reasons as to why you should buy a house this year instead of waiting, which were 1. Low Mortgage Rates, 2. Affordable Prices, 3. Equity, 4. Roots. Continuing on here are the next 4.


5. Dwindling Inventory – If you find the perfect home for you, don’t hesitate to make an offer. There are less houses on the market than there are buyers and sellers are getting multiple offers because of this.

6. New Homes – 2013 has seen an increase in the amount of new homes being built than in 2012. New technologies have given higher quality building materials to builders, so purchasing a new home gives you a lot more options and tends to be more energy efficient than most previous owned homes.

7. Rent – As the housing market improves, more renters are moving out and purchasing homes. As the vacancies in apartments open, the rent could rise to cover the cost of those vacancies.

8. Retirement – Owning your own home can be your biggest financial investment. Buying sooner not only saves you on rent, it also builds equity and possibly your savings account, and by selling when the market is up could give you cash in your pocket.



9. Freedom
10. Credit Score
11. Taxes
12. Same Bill
13. Living the Dream
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