Future Proof Your Kitchen Remodeling

As with almost any trend in the market, kitchen fads are constantly changing. What you find fantastic will essentially in 5-10 years be out of date. Chances are a person will only remodel a kitchen once during their lifetime as the cost of a full kitchen remodel is not cheap by any means. Making the right moves from the start of the remodel with these classic kitchen features could recoup you a bit of the loss you may have when remodeling. Last time we covered reason 1. White and 2. Hardwood Floors. Here is reason #3 and 4.


3. Shaker Cabinets – Like hardwood flooring, shaker style cabinets look good in any setting with their clean, simple lines and frame-and-panel design that can make the kitchen feel less busy and tend to stay in the background. The simple design of shaker cabinets gives anyone the opportunity to personalize the kitchen.

4. Carrara Marble – If you want timeless countertops use Carrara, though it may cost a bit more it has proven itself by being used in homes since ancient times. It has lacy graining and subtle white colors that blend and flow with nearly any décor, and being one of the most commonly available stones it is less costly than quartz. Though it can stain easily its quality of blending in will make it worthwhile and as long as you keep up on the care by sealing the marble once or twice a year.


NEXT TIME: 5. Subway Tile, 6. Ergonomic and 7. Storage

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