Future Proof Your Kitchen Remodeling

As with almost any trend in the market, kitchen fads are constantly changing. What you find fantastic will essentially in 5-10 years be out of date. Chances are a person will only remodel a kitchen once during their lifetime as the cost of a full kitchen remodel is not cheap by any means. Making the right moves from the start of the remodel with these classic kitchen features could recoup you a bit of the loss you may have when remodeling, when you sell. We have covered reasons 1. White , 2. Hardwood Floors. 3.Shaker Cabinets and 4. Carrera Marble. Below are reasons #5,6 and 7.

5. Subway Tile – Dating back to the 1900’s where they originated in New York’s first subway tunnels, they have gone beyond their normal use and taken up residence in many kitchens and bathrooms. The white 3×6 tiles are a great way to create a timeless backsplash for your kitchen. Not only does it clean easily it gives a neutral look that blends with anything.


6. Ergonomic – Ergonomic design simply means convenience, so when remodeling a kitchen keep in mind the placement of cupboards and appliances. Make sure it has a flow to it that will work for everyone. Creating different counter heights by raising or lowering the height of the counter base will cater to nearly anyone’s personal height and you or the new owners can easily raise or lower the counters again.

Go with a wall oven and cooktop instead of the standard range. Again this is where height comes into play as a standard range has one where a wall oven is about waist high making it convenient for many people. Adding pull out shelves in base cabinets not only allows for easy access, but also lets you see what is inside the cabinet without having to get low to the ground. Wide clearances are a must for creating a great kitchen. Having a minimum of 42 inches between counters and islands allows for multiple people in the kitchen without stepping on any toes.


7. Storage – According to data from a recent survey from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, 47% of kitchen stuff is actually stored outside the kitchen in places such as the garage, laundry rooms, basements or sheds. Our desire for wide open kitchens could be the blame for this so by creating ample storage areas in your kitchen will give it added appeal=. Keep in mind it is not just about the space, but also having smart storage.

The primary storage zone most people look for is 30-60 inches high and within 2 feet on either side of you. This is the best place to store your most used items. Also design a kitchen remodel with space that can be easily converted. A lower cabinet that can be changed in the future to a wine cooler or an under-counter fridge, leave an open space that could eventually fit a desk or other such items.

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